Eagle General Circular December 2, 2021
"Soar High Towards Global Excellence to Help Others"
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❤️❤️URGENT Eagles Circular on Eagle Charter Organization and Accreditation
To all National and Foreign (Country) Eagle Supreme Governors /District Governor / Deputy Governors / Eagle Charter Presidents:

#Note: Only "PAID" Officers or Members (Eagle Warrior") will be accredited as such.
#Special Lifetime Prime Governor Accreditation: P10,000 (US$200)
#Unpaid Officers or Members can be removed from GECI National and Global Organization.
#Original Certification or ID / Pin will be delivered by Courier upon Payment.

Pls submit or email summary names of officers / members (Eagle Warrior) **"Ideally" Minimum of Five (5) paid members/officers is appreciated LESS 30percent "SUCCEEDING" "Membership Civic Share" commission of the "INITIAL"Membership Fee of PhPesos5, 000 (US$100) for Discretionary Personal Operations in promoting GECI Humanitarian Missions.

#Each Head Charter Organization should ideally appoint or elect Vice President and Eagle Civic Advocacies (Charter Governor or President / Secretary / Treasurer / PRO and Events Chairman at the discretion of the Eagle Head.

Note: You can appoint or invite respective officers / members and can organize customized club names and logos under your Charter Club (Example: Falcon Eagles Club, Dragon Eagles Club, Taurus Eagles Club, Kuala Lumpur Eagles Club etc.)

❤️❤️Eagle GECI Benefits:

(1) Optional Health /Business Opportunities /
(2) Eagle Gold Collar Pin /
(3) Eagle Membership or Appointment Certificate or ID
(5) Optional Alpha P25.000 (US$900) Family Insurance Benefits
(6) Optional Eagle Peace Prize and Eagle Excellence Awards
Plus Optional Eagle Bell and Gavel / Table Statue / Shirt / Car Stickers are available

#Note: The Golden Eagles Club has the "LOWEST" Annual Membership Fee with the only unique Membership Civic Share in the world compared to Lions Club / Rotary Club and other local and international civic organizations with unique membership sharing civic benefits. ***Proceeds will benefit the Eagle Global Environmental / Youth Anti-Drugs Campaign / EcoTourism / World Peace Mission plus the Covid 19 Poor Victims Assistance and other Eagles civic and livelihood projects worldwide.

#Email: Eagle Dr. Jake Navea, PhD
(Global Eagle Founding Chairman) [email protected] and [email protected]
+63 906-4884787 or 0947=7292675

#Note: MEDIAPOWER is the Official Secretariat /Admin of Golden Eagles Club.
Send Membership / Donation to Golden Eagles Club thru GCash 09064884787 or Western Union / Cebuana / Palawan (Receiver: Jonathan Jesus N. Navea)
BPI and Paypall details are Eagles Website.
Eagles Global Chairman Dr. Jake Navea, PhD
FB.com / Golden Eagles Club Global
***PS: Governor or Deputy Governor / Charter President should "independently" manage his / her own District (Meetings / Expansion etc.)
Visit www.goldeneaglesclub.org


The Golden Eagles Club International (GECI) is a national and global organization of civic and business individuals aspiring to share business and civic acumenl to other people nationwide and worldwide.
* GECI is envisioned to become a leading prestigious global and national civic organization founded on
principles of helping others to become successful individuals . * GECI was founded by Asia’s Award-Giving Icon EAGLE DR. JAKE N. NAVEA, PhD of
COUNCIL (APAC) together with Book Author DR. OLAN IGNACIO / Malaysian Dynamic Leader Eagle Dato Dr. GINA TAN, D.Hm and Eagle Gov. Dr. SEIJI KAGAWA, PhD of Japan


Armed with EAGLES slogan: “SOAR High ABOVE Others to HELP Others” Golden
Eagles are known throughout the world for their work to improve the lives of GECI members,
as well as promote the spirit of entrepreneurship and humanitarian leadership worldwide.
GECI proudly serves their continued efforts in income opportunity, eco-tourism advocacy,
medical mission, donation for less fortunate, scholarship & talents development, and other beneficial programs.

NOTE: We are comparable to much older civic organizations, such as LIONS CLUB, ROTARY
CLUB and JAYCEES, but the “BIG DIFFERENCE” is that GOLDEN EAGLES CLUB is the ONLY Global Civic Organization with the “LOWEST” membership fee and the ONLY INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION (with Global Main Headquarters in Malaysia and Philippines) which allots 15% DISCRETIONARY MEMBERSHIP shares to all CHARTER GOVERNORS, CHAIRMEN and PRESIDENTS to subsidize their civic endeavors and provide Income Opportunities Assistance to Less Fortunate Members. ========= One of the major projects of GECI is CONFERMENT of the Golden Eagle Excellence Awards (GEEA) and Eagle Peace Prize Global Award (EGPPA) which honor top individuals and companies excelling in their their respective endeavors.


ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP DUES and BASIC GUIDELINES: YOU are invited to become a GLOBAL PARTNER as Charter District Governor / Chairman or President of a particular area or country and earn 15% DISCRETIONARY COMMISSION of the Annual Membership Dues (PhPesos 2,400 / US$70) to support EAGLES Humanitarian Endeavors and Secretariat Operations.
(1) Lifetime Global Donation of US$1,000 is appreciated for the EAGLE GLOBAL PEACE PRIZE AWARD, the premier citation conferred to a country or regional Chairman / Governor to benefit the humanitarian projects of GECI. (2) Humanitarian Donation of US$500 is appreciated for the GOLDEN EAGLE EXCELLENCE AWARD and EAGLE ECO-TOURISM
AWARD in recognition for the excellence in achievement of any individual / organization or company / product. GLOBAL DONATION / MEMBERSHIP REMITTANCE: Send Membership Due / Donation to GOLDEN EAGLES CLUB INTERNATIONAL at Western
Union (Receiver: Jonathan Jesus Navea).
Send Membership Due / Donation to GOLDEN EAGLES CLUB INTERNATIONAL at Western Union (Receiver: Jonathan Jesus Navea). ***Charter Governor or Chairman/ President should idealy have a MINIMUM of Five (5) paid members or more.
*** Emails Bi-Annual Summary Club Organization and/or any updates with respective filled up EAGLES INFO FORM at : [email protected] Mobile: 0906.488.4787 and 0947.729.2675 Be a LEADER! Be an EAGLE


ORIENTATION & MEETINGS: *It is advised that EAGLES CHAPTER / CHARTER meet at least once a month, at the discretion of the Charter Governor President or Chairman. A Quarterly Status Report is highly appreciated.


EAGLES PHILIPPINES Global HEADQUARTERS: 22G 22/F Olympic Heights Tower 2. Eastwood City. Bagumbayan, Libis, QC. Philippines
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: +63906.488.4787 and +63947.729.2675
U.S.A. 29 F. Street Nw7th Floor, Washington, Dc 2001, USA
MALAYSIA: No 29, Jalan Raja Mahmud 9/18, Seksyen 9, 40000, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia MIDDLE EAST / NORTH AFRICA: P.O. Box 5022885 KnoDCwledge Park, UAE UK / ENGLAND 59 North Road, SWINDON, SN79 1PY, UK AUSTRALIA 200 Broadway Avenue, West Beach SA 5024 AUSTRALIA JAPAN 477-1106, Ogocho Awatagi, Konan-shi, Aichi, Japan アイチケン, コウナンシ, オゴウチョウアワタギ, 477-1106


Website: www.goldeneaglesclub.org THEME SONG: WE ARE THE WORLD. WE ARE THE EAGLES ========== www.facebook.com / Golden Eagles Club International – GECI Global. Details, call or text: +63 906-4994898 / +63 947-7292675 +63 945.589.0111 / +63920.217.8777
EMAIL: [email protected]


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